R&D Sampling

We formed by professional R&D and marketing team so that our product would be different from the others, that’s make sure our customers could develop new product which could distinguish to the others shop. Also, we would adjust the product formula and make sure our product would fit in the import country’s law.

Planning Production

We would accord the produce record and planning production to confirm we have enough stock of SIGNWIN series. Moreover, we mostly produce the same flavor product a day which could avoid cross-contamination.

Integrating Shipments

Before sending out the goods, if customers has another goods that would like to ship out together, we could contact with the supplier and arrange the transport, pack and load into containers. After shipping, we would provide all the documents needed for clearance like COA, MSDS, declaration etc.


We countered require of each customer and teach them how to use our pre-mix powder. Also, we would recommend the most suitable product and ingredients according the nationality of their target market. Except our pre-mix powder, we could also customize the packaging, help you to develop new gift box, machine and equipment etc.

Order Confirmation

After testing of sample, we would provide quotation, confirm all label information with customers. After that, customers could prepare their PO and deposit and we would start arrange produce process.

Quality Control

We have our own QC team that would test the ingredients randomly and they also test every branch of final product, so that we could make sure our product meet our standard. Our factory pass FSSC2200, ISO22000 HACCP and the other international food safety management system, if there any other require of quality test, we could help our customer to send the sample to third party inspection agency.